Waterfront Village Cape Town

West Coast Nature Walks

Games Room, located at The Farmhouse Hotel (5 Egret Street)

Speelhuis guests can make use of the Games Room at The Farmhouse Hotel. This is a place where guests can unwind, have fun or catch up on some emails. The room is filled with charming trinkets and treasures and boasts a fireplace, a billiard table, a diverse selection of books and complimentary Wi-Fi access.

West Coast Nature Walks

Gym, located at Kite Mansion (28 Egret Street)

Exclusive arrangements have been made for our guests to make use of the Farmhouse Hotel’s state-of-the-art fitness centre outfitted with a variety of premium equipment from Technogym.

Equipment includes:
Excite Jog, Lemond Rev Master Bike, Wave Excite, Element Adjustable Bench, Leg Press, Chest Press, Low Row, Multipower, Radiant, Crossover Cables and Free Weights.


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